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Afrotherapy - the best hairdressers for afro and mixed race hair

7 reasons to choose Afrotherapy Salon...

  • We will listen to you
  • We will give you expert knowledge and advice
  • We will value you
  • We will respect your time
  • We will inspire you with style ideas
  • We will give you value for money
  • If we don’t get it right, we will put it right

If you want your afro hair to look its best then you’re in good company at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in North London.



  • Ladies Hair Cuts & Styling
  • Mens Hair Cuts & Styling
  • Hair Colour
  • Children's Hair Cuts & Styling
  • Wedding & Bridal Hair
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Colour Correction
  • Brazilian Blowouts
  • Hair Color
  • Keratin Smoothing
  • Reviews

    Afrotherapy Salon, London Website Reviews

    200 reviews with an average rating of 4.73
    Salon Review
    It was my first time at the salon ,I was a little nervous as i didn’t know what to expect but left having a good experience and i’m happy with my new hair cut/look (I got a tapered cut), the owner /head stylist at the Salon Harriet was very nice to talk to and was reassuring, which made me feel comfortable to voice out what I wanted with the haircut I was going for, throughout the process of getting my hair done Harriet asked me how i felt about the direction of my haircut and if was happy with how it looked, how short I wanted it etc. I enjoyed getting my hair washed, my hair is type 4, high destiny hair (medium to thick strands) i have had past hair salon experiences where my natural hair wasn’t handled with care however at Afrotherapy that wasn’t the case it was one of the most relaxing washdays I’ve had. The other staff at the salon where lovely as well and the atmosphere of the salon was lovely, relaxing music, clean and simple design of the salon. A couple things I didn’t like as much was being told to change my original booking time to an earlier time, I’m based in south east london and the Salon is in North , pretty long journey, this meant not only did have to leave early , which initially planned to do but I felt added pressure which made me super anxious, which also meant had to rush m my journey to the salon (it didn’t help that there was traffic in the area going to the salon), Harriet explained why I needed to come to the salon earlier than I had planned due to the fact she needed to check the condition of my hair prior to my haircut and also asked for photos of my hair on the day of the appointment. Looking back I wish these 2 requests were made a day before or a couple days before my hair appointment so I didn’t feel so anxious on the day of my hair appointment, this is something that could be improved on to help with customer experience with the salon, if customers where given necessary info well in advance if possible . There was also a time I was left under the dryer for what I felt was a bit too long , it started to get slightly uncomfortable with the heat and although Harriet did finally check on me and my hair to see if it was dry (my hair was being set for a bantu knot out hairstyle with my tapered cut), I wished she would’ve of told me an estimate time for how long I would be under the drier or if i could take some breaks in between ( but that’s on me for not speaking up). Overall I did have a good first time experience at Afrotherapy, especially considering it had been years since I stepped into a black salon let alone one that would cater to my natural hair. Yes the pricing is expensive but for me this was a self care moment to get my hair professionally taken care of and rock a new hair cut, the pricing was definitely something I considered and was a little indecisive about initially when booking at this salon but then again looking at other similar hair salons I saw that it was similar pricing for the service I got.
    Salon Review
    Desiree Paul
    Great first time experience from start to finish! Really nice calming atmosphere with welcoming staff! Loved the chilled out music playing in the background. Harriet did a fantastic job cutting my damaged hair(at my request). Received great compliments from work colleagues and strangers the following day. I am looking forward to my next visit very soon.
    Salon Review
    Naiara Hofer
    Dear Jennifer, Dear Harriet and Joseph I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH again! This transition to me means everything! You made a dream come true for me! I haven\'t felt comfortable over years with my own hair due to one bad experience after another. I love to see myself in the mirror again now! Thank you, for having me at your place. All of you are SO PROFESSIONAL. Jennifer, you gave me back my trust. I\'m in the best hands with you and I\'m already looking forward to come back! YOU\'RE AMAZING!!!!!!!! I\'m still totally mindblown and speechless at the same time and i can\'t stop smiling!!!!! I wish you all a wonderful day!
    Salon Review
    Had a very pleasant service
    Salon Review
    Bob Szaszstein
    Salon Review
    Launa Thompson
    Had a very pleasant experience at the salon, got a haircut on natural 4c hair. Nothing was too much trouble and treated by professionals. Would go again!!
    Salon Review
    Mery Peige
    I really liked the service the first I went to the salon so I decided to repeat.I booked my appointment and specified what I wanted and the lady on the phone gave me a price (which was the same as my previous visit) but when I attended my appointment I got told a ver different price. I can’t believe it! I had to leave the salon because of the extortionate price I got told. I am now very upset and I certainly won’t be returning.It seems like H did not want to make an effort with my hair that day so she decided to increase the price.
    Salon Review
    Sasha Fagan
    Best service ever received
    Salon Review
    Lisa Kusi
    I relaxed, cut and styled my hair here and honestly the experience was lovely! Friendly and professional staff. My hair is bouncy and smooth I can’t stop running my fingers through it.
    Salon Review
    Angela Grayson
    I made an appointment over the phone said what I wanted done, and was given a price, I was ask for a deposit, which I paid. My appointment was at 10.00 that was put back to 11.00 I was not seen until just before 12.00 noon. When my hair was done the price was doubled I pointed out that i payed a deposits she just said 'yes i know'. The problem of over charging lies with the owrners not the stylist. The same over charging happened to me before I thought it might just be s fluke, its a shame because I like two support Black Businesses I will not be going to this salon again They should be careful that the trading standard don't come in for a hair cut
    Salon Review
    Alexandria Hodge
    Best haircut I've ever had! Joseph will be my go-to-hairdresser for years to come!
    Salon Review
    Naomi Predfie
    Very clean and soothing environment..after searching for months I have found afrotherapy to care for my crowning glory. The therapist was very professional and knowledgeable about the requirement and treatment of my hair. The end product resulted in a younger version of the client. You too can have that experience...
    Salon Review
    Avz Johnson
    Excellent visit. Michelle was so helpful and professional. She took me through the whole process from patch test to colour treatment and explained every step prior to starting. She was very good at explaining how to maintain my hair following the appointment and supported me in creating a new regime. I was so happy with the quality of service, based on my past experiences, it was 100% value for money.
    Salon Review
    Dionne Delsol
    I went in for a hair consultation. The assistant was lovely and attentive. I had a treatment and my hair felt amazing.
    Salon Review
    Zainab Hassan
    So lovely! My hair looked amazing!
    Salon Review
    Susan Barrow
    A great professional service was received with all the tips, products and information on maintaining my new style. A throughly enjoyable experience.
    Salon Review
    Pauline Lambous
    Was a lovely experience, they asked me what I wanted and they performance it right, from the hair cut to the stylish, I love my new afro hair cut!. The environment in the salon is beautiful and relaxing. God Bless you!
    Salon Review
    Lorna Asabre
    I was happy with the service, that I received!
    Salon Review
    Ezi Ugo Jen
    I LOVE MY HAIR SO MUCH! I am so grateful to all the staff at Afrotherapy. From start to finish, I was treated so well and I felt like they really cared about my hair. My consultation was very thorough and my new hair colour is beautiful! I'm so pleased with the result and my hair is still so soft and healthy because of the added treatment given to strengthen my hair during the colour change process. Thank you all so much! :-)
    Salon Review
    Tola Erinle
    I received excellent service from booking my appointment to leaving the salon. I am very pleased with the results and the care that was given to my hair. The consultation was very thorough and informative, and I was given aftercare tips on how to maintain healthy hair. My stylist, Joseph was polite, professional and hospitable. The ambience of the salon was calm and the head massage was heavenly. I would definitely recommend and will be going back. Thank you so much for a great first experience.
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