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Claire's Magic Touch Clinic Website Reviews

27 reviews with an average rating of 5.00
Salon Review
I have been seeing Claire since I first hobbled into her studio a year and a half ago with impact-induced lymphoedema. I had been in agony for over a week and was at my wit’s end. After just one MLD session, the pain was lifted and I practically skipped home! Claire is amazing. I have often recommended her to people, only to discover she has already been recommended by somebody else! This lady is magic. As others have said, her knowledge and insight is outstanding, reassuring, and downright fascinating. Her personality is so warm, good-humoured and professional that I felt safe and comfortable as soon as I met her. Go see Claire. Your body and mind will thank you.
Salon Review
Laura M
Well what can I say ...... I had a 360 abdominoplasty at the end of November 2022 my surgeon had informed me to book in for a lymphatic drainage massage after my surgery to help with my recovery and speed it up. I had no idea what it was I came away and googled and I came accross Claire\'s Magic Touch I contacted Claire and she responded to me and explained what it is and how it would be performed. All I can say is Claire is such a lovely, professional woman who is amazing at her job. She makes you feel comfortable and reassured me and helped me through my healing progress. Any worries I had I would ask her questions and she would always give me advice. It was soo nice having my sessions with Claire as I felt less worried as I had Claire by my side helping me through. After 3 massages with Claire I had a week check up appointment at the hospital they were very happy with my healing and said my lymphatic drainage massage lady is doing a really good job as my swelling was minimal and feeling my stomach and sides everything was healing the right way. I believe if I hadn\'t have had a lymphatic drainage massage booked in then my healing progress would or could have been longer, painful and may have had complications such as fibrosis. Thank you soo much Claire for helping me through and speeding up my healing progress your work is AMAZING
Salon Review
Michelle BelakHumpidge
Claire is the sort of person who you feel you have known for years right from the very first time you meet her - She’s incredibly friendly and warm and I trusted her instantly. But what also becomes apparent very quickly is her professionalism and obvious knowledge of all things connected healing and well-being. Yes, she undoubtedly has a “magic touch” (there is something very special about this lady, no question) but there is more to her than that: Her holistic practice is also deeply rooted in science and study. She really, REALLY knows her stuff!
Salon Review
Claire carefully and skillfully improved my postoperative recovery with each MLD session. She was always calm and gentle, explaining any treatment method she used; so, I always felt comfortable and safe with her. Each session was unique to the state of recovery. Also, her advice regarding what I could do at home positively impacted my recovery. She not only helped me physically heal, but supported me emotionally - I am deeply grateful for that. I am certain that without Claire, I would have had to endure a more difficult recovery period, and possibly end up with suboptimal results. I highly recommend Claire!
Salon Review
I have been fortunate enough to have been going to Claire for treatments for over a year now. I can honestly say the treatments that Claire offers are incredible. The name of her business couldn’t be more accurate she really does have a magic touch and she really is a wonderful healer. Claire’s treatments have not only helped me physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I would 100% recommended trying one of her treatments.
Salon Review
What can I say but amazing. I have had to MLD massage since having plastic surgery last week and all I can Isay is always leave Claire feeling so much more comfortable then when I arrive. Claire is very caring and reassuring. She talks you though every she does when she does it and why she is doing it. I am so glad I found you and can’t wait for my next massage and to leave feeling a million times better
Salon Review
I have had two rounds of plastic surgery. My surgeon recommended Lymphatic Drainage Massage to help with the healing process. The first time I saw Claire I was around a week post op and VERY uncomfortable. From the first treatment there was relief from the swelling. She is very experienced with this procedure and it is so relaxing! She also has a wealth of knowledge of post operative supplements, soft tissue techniques and work you can do yourself at home to help your healing process. I genuinely recommend that you book some appointments for after your surgery. I found them invaluable and her support is worth its weight in gold.
Salon Review
Avonwood PTA
Claire is amazing. I\'ve had cupping and massage and highly recommend both
Salon Review
Dina Clark
I’ve been seeing Claire for deep tissue massage, cupping and dry needles. She’s really has the “magic” touch. I was diagnosed with de quervain’s tenosynovitis in both my wrist. She started treating me for few weeks and I can feel the difference. I don’t wake up with pain in the middle of the night. I regularly exercise in the gym and I was struggling with the pain in my wrist. Now I can hold a “high plank” again. Thanks to Claire x
Salon Review
Aimz Arnold
I had MLD with Claire following breast lift with implants and tummy tuck, Claire was so friendly and instantly put me at ease and I fully credit how well and quickly I healed to her excellent skills in MLD. It was also very helpful that she was able to come to me on occasions due to not being allowed to drive for 4 weeks.
Salon Review
Sharon Stevens
I have used Claire for massage and treatment for quite a few years now. She is very intuitive with her touch and knows exactly how to alleviate pain. Her home made products are just the best, grab them while they are available, especially the Magic Face Whip!
Salon Review
Ashlee Burden
Claire said to me at my first appointment that when you need someone you find them. I needed to find her for sure! I have been having manual lymphatic drainage massage with Claire since undergoing liposuction to the full front of my legs for lipoedema. The surgery is brutal and recovery is difficult, without my appointments with Claire I don’t know how I’d cope. I haven’t found any of my treatment painful at all and she knows exactly how we will proceed as I heal in the preparation for my 2nd surgery. Physically and emotionally she’s helped me. Claire has a wealth of knowledge, she’s absolutely lovely, makes you feel relaxed and is a real joy to be around. I could not recommend Claire enough!
Salon Review
Holly Witton
I am so grateful to of found Claire, her knowledge and expertise, my recovery from surgery would of been extremely difficult if I didn’t have Claire’s advice and experience, especially in Lymphatic Drainage, I could not recommend her enough!
Salon Review
Barbara Jorge
Excellent and amazing massage from Claire. I was sore and in pain from my neck and shoulder but after the massage i feel like new. Claire has treated my other shoulder before and she\'s done it again. Amazing massage and great technique. Great hands and her home made products are great and smell wonderful. Claire knows exactly where to massage and makes you feel very comfortable. I cant recomend Claires Magic Touch enough, Claire can do deep tissue massage (it hurts lots but you feel amazing afterwards) or a relaxibg massage and has a variety of tools to help with it like hot rocks wich are and feel amazing, cupping etc...I trust in her assessment and treatment entirely Highly recommend!!!
Salon Review
Sarah Coley
Claire is amazing! Not only are her massages relaxing but she always manages to remove any tension and stresses in her knowledge and skill as a therapist. Claire truly does have a magic touch when it comes to energy work and reiki too! Balancing energy levels and recharging the batteries. She is an earth angel ❤
Salon Review
Shelley Thompson
Claire has treated me pregnant and postnatal. Every visit with Claire is bespoke to my current issues as well as keeping me treated when it comes to ongoing pains. Not only is she so good at what she does, every treatment is just so lovely as she gives me her full attention, chats away and always likes to hear about how things are going with me. You really do get an all round service with Claire and I would recommend her to everyone I know.
Salon Review
Naomi Downer
I\'ve seen Claire for regular massage and cupping over the past 3 years and I can honestly say that her treatments are second to none. She really gets to know her client\'s troublesome spots and due to her intuitive energy work is fantastic at knowing what your body needs. She got me through my pregnancy and beyond to leave me feeling strong and ache free throughout. Her happy and positive demeanour also ensures you feel comfortable right from the word go. Can\'t recommend her highly enough!
Salon Review
Chelsea Vallance
After years of having issues and pain with my back due to bad posture/car accidents etc.. I was treated by Claire & can honestly say she has helped me so much more than any masseuse or physio I have seen before! Claire is always so gentle - I am never in any pain when she treats me, but she always seems to get rid of any tension that has built up! Claire is so knowledgeable and you can tell she really loves what she does. I would 100% recommend Claire & her products (as they always smell amazing!!). Thankyou Claire x
Salon Review
Josh Sparks
When I met Claire I was mesmerised by her body work skills. She has developed amazing intuition and knows exactly what my body needs! Her professionalism shines when selecting the right treatment for me, whether it be cupping, massage, acupuncture or energy work. I trust in her assessment and treatment entirely and I feel amazing in my body because of her. Claire now has a life long customer - Highly recommend!!!
Salon Review
Simone Thomas
So much to say I don\'t even know where to start. Claire is a power house of knowledge and care, each visit is unique and tailored to how you feel but also what Claire feels about your body and general wellbeing. I have been seeing Claire for over 16 weeks now to help with my healing journey from surgery but also from a medical condition and the results from the care for my surgery have been exceptional but also my general health has improved. From the minute you meet Claire you feel comfortable and safe and know that whatever journey the treatment takes you on you feel like a new person after. I have loved every weekly session and will continue with weekly or bi weekly sessions with different treatments each week depending on what my body is in need off: the Lymphatic and Body treatments are outstanding, MLD blew me away with what it does to the body, Holistic Bodywork which will blow your mind and one that really has healed me from within, dry cupping OMG I love so so much - it is instant the feeling of improvement within the body. Thank you Claire for being so amazing and wonderful in what you do and the passion you have.
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