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Gusto Hair Salon in Soho

Gusto Hairdressing in Soho is an award-winning boutique hair salon in one of London’s most eclectic areas. A short walk from Piccadilly and Leicester Square stations, we make every effort to provide a style personally tailored to you, exceeding your expectations with every visit.

Our highly skilled team create dynamic styles and avant-garde haircuts and colours that guarantee you are always at the forefront of fashion. We are experts in precision cutting, classic hair colouring as well as the latest colouring techniques such as balayage, ombre and colour melts.  If you are fed up with your dry frizzy hair, then it may be time to book in for a Brazilian Blow Dry treatment.

Whichever service you require, we promise to deliver five-star customer service and some of the best haircuts & colours in London.


Gusto Hairdressing Website Reviews

268 reviews with an average rating of 4.94
Salon Review
Katrina Velasquez
I was blown away with the quality I found at this salon! Every time I go, their stylists make sure I\'m looking my best. From a glorious cut and blowwave to the perfect balayage, they give the best of what the world has to offer in hair styling. Each stylist has a distinct eye for detail, making sure that no little strand goes unnoticed and takes pride in providing premium services without compromising on aesthetics. Even after several sessions, my hair looks and feels just as fabulous as when it is first cut! They really take pride in their work and for that, I\'m a Gusto loyalist for life!
Salon Review
No one answers the phone at the wigmore street branch, you pay before the appointment. Lady was late so I could’nt even leave and had to wait. My fringe looked very stupid. Lady did apologise and was polite but rushed the cut due to her being late and also being the receptionist
Salon Review
I had a really lovely blow-dry done in the Soho Branch last Friday morning. I unfortunately didn\'t get the name of the hairdresser but she was really brilliant. I went for the curly blow-dry and it was gorgeous and it is now Monday and my hair is actually still looking pretty good! I will definitely be back here when I come to London next and will be recommending to my colleagues! Thank you! Amelia
Salon Review
Mandy Korasanis
Allow me to wax lyrical about Gusto hairdressing: these purveyors of pomade are simply phenomenal. Their expertise in the realm of balayage is unparalleled, resulting in hues that are nothing short of ethereal.
Salon Review
Emma Yui
Gusto hairdressing is where it\'s at, folks! They\'ve seriously raised the bar for what it means to get a good hair cut. These stylists are straight-up magicians with their scissors and color! Not only do they consistently give killer cuts and color, but they also manage to do it all at a price that can\'t be beat. I mean, seriously, where else can you get such high-quality services for such a great price? The answer is nowhere, my friends! But honestly, the real reason I keep coming back to Gusto is the vibe. The atmosphere is just so welcoming and fun, it never feels like a chore to get my hair done. I mean, I can go on and on about how much I love Gusto, but I\'ll just sum it up by saying that they\'re simply and ridiculously amazing at what they do, and they\'re the absolute best in the biz!
Salon Review
Amanda Tuke
Really disappointed with my second Gusto visit - the first one was Covent Garden, the second one was Soho. I took a very clear professional photo with me which I\'d had taken the day of the first cut mid Nov and asked that I had as close to the same cut and styling which I\'d had then. I showed the stylist the photo a few times as I wasn\'t entirely sure she had looked at it carefully. I asked that it was cut softly around the back too. What I ended up with was much shorter hair, a weirdly blunt cut fringe and lots of scratches on my neck from when she clippered it which I didn\'t realised had happened until I left the salon and my partner took a pic. When I said I wasn\'t happy, the stylist, I don\'t know her name but she had shoulder length blond hair & wore a wool beanie, tried to justify what she\'d done saying she had to sort out issues with the previous cut so she didn\'t have any choice about how she\'d cut it. Such a shame after my good experience in the Covent Garden branch.
Salon Review
I recently got a haircut and ombré. The haircut was fine but the ombré was incredibly disappointing. This was my first time trying ombré and I’m really unhappy with how it’s turned out - it’s barely visible and nothing like the picture I showed for reference. I specifically went to gusto for the colour treatment but came away very disappointed.
Salon Review
Julia Picone
Melania is amazing! She has so much experience. My hair is in the best condition and I have a wonderful healthy vibrant cut ready for Christmas. She is an amazing person too. This is the best salon in the West End - such a FANTASTIC experience. Thank you team and Merry Christmas x
Salon Review
Best hair colourists on Oxford Street! My hair colour transformation is amazing. You can defo put trust in Gusto.
Salon Review
BEST salon on Oxford Street for balayage. The team listened to what I wanted and delivered a beautiful, personalised hair colour. x
Salon Review
Best hair colour in West End London! Thank you Gusto hairdressing, you really are the best hairdressers!
Salon Review
Stella Stocker
Melania at Gusto hair salon, Oxford Street was fantastic. She listened carefully and cut my bob exactly how I wanted it. I love it and will come back to her!
Salon Review
London On The Inside
Our hair was left instantly smoother and sleeker in the salon, and after our first at-home wash it only needed a quick blast.
Salon Review
OK! Magazine
Split ends be gone!
Salon Review
Celebrity life coach, Sloan Sheridan-William
They expertly hand-painted specific areas to give my hair definition that other methods could not.
Salon Review
West London Living
It was amazing to see such a transformation and I was astonished at how sleek my wonderfully wild hair could look.
Salon Review
Fabric Magazine
Renowned for their colour work.
Salon Review
Absolutely London
If you are planning a hair transformation, head down to Gusto and entrust the help of one of the talented professionals. Your hair will thank you for it.
Salon Review
Sloan Magazine
Gusto are pure artists when it comes to hair.
Salon Review
I had a really great hair cut and highlights/colour at the Oxford Street salon with Melania. She was very attentive, and listened to my requests really well. She gave me a great haircut, highlights and colour and I left the salon very pleased and happy. I will definitely be back!
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