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Shine is a space like no other – a unique hair salon, health and beauty centre. 

Our mission is to provide you with an unrivalled combination of creative styling and holistic treatments in a beautiful, intimate setting. 

Looking good and feeling great embodies the Shine ethos.


Shine - Newington Green Website Reviews

181 reviews with an average rating of 4.96
Salon Review
Julie Roberts
I was so happy with Sylvie did with my make-up trial and grateful for her advice. She is a true artist!
Salon Review
Cinnamon is a very good colourist. Always tweaking the colour to match my hair as it changes and my needs change. Definitely 5 stars!
Salon Review
Danielle Galway
Benedetta is always amazing but she did a colour correction with me today and I feel so happy with my hair! She is amazing and always knows what is right for my hair, Shine on the green is a beautiful salon and I love coming here, I feel I can trust Benedetta with my hair always.
Thank you Danielle!
Salon Review
Mandeep Arnauts
Marius is fantastic. Absolute professional and friendly.
Thank you Mandeep!
Salon Review
Santa R
I had my nutritionist visit there. Very kind and polite staff.
Salon Review
Alicia Jumman
I just went for a massage with Hayley to relax and it was wonderful. I’m training for a marathon so my body is feeling extra heavy x by the fact I have a toddler who sleeps on my chest each night. Hayley cultivated an environment for me to feel relaxed whilst using a mixture of oils and hot stones to work on my body. I’ve left feeling lighter, more relaxed and supple. I’m such a fan that I’ve booked in again for before my marathon. Could not recommend more. Thank you so much Hayley!
Thank you Alicia. Much appreciated.
Salon Review
Laura, London
I\'ve just started seeing Mattea and cannot recommend her highly enough. Her holistic approach is sorting out a range of issues with my back, shoulders and posture and I leave our sessions feeling rested, well and taller!
Thanks Laura, we will pass on your kind words.
Salon Review
Carla Hendriks
I recently had the \'LED Glow Facial\' with the lovely Becky Clarke. My skin has honestly never looked or felt better. I have had compliments from people since the treatment! Becky is a maverick of her craft, so I knew I would be in good hands. Becky instantly makes you feel at ease, she has such a warm and friendly presence. Not only did I get a stunning facial, with oils and products that Becky makes herself, followed by basking under a warming LED light, the mostpart of the treatment included dreamy head, arm, hand, shoulder, and foot massage. I got the complete best of both worlds, and am very grateful I booked in!
Thanks Carla, we will pass on the great review to Becky.
Salon Review
Muge Erdogmus Turnbull
I have been seeing Mattea regularly for over 10 years now. She is a very skilled, intuitive healer therapist- she really attunes to your body and soul and responds in a gentle yet strong way that helps a lot! Her warmth and empathic presence puts you at ease from the start. Highly recommended!
Thank you so much for taking time to write this lovely review Muge.
Salon Review
I had my first ever Shiatsu session yesterday with Aruna. I wasn\'t sure quite what to expect, but wow, I was so impressed by the result on my psyche after one session. Shiatsu is different to massage in technique, but still deeply relaxing. When I came home, my flatmate couldn\'t believe how much lighter and positive I was. I felt a completely natural high, and as somebody that struggles with anxiety and depression, this was a game changer. Aruna is so full of knowledge, and I can\'t rate her enough! I left with take home knowledge to support my nervous system, so it really was a gift that carried on giving.
Thank you for the lovely review Carla. We will be sure to pass it on to Aruna.
Salon Review
Heemlawtee Neetye
Dear Aruna ,me, Heemlawtee Neetye  and my husband Deoram Neetye  are very grateful  to you, you have a magic hand. We are blessed for having you. My husband  is a patient of stroke , having speech problem, wearing  hearing  aid , depression, bowel problem, sciatic pain ,varicose vein disorder due to his stroke suffering  of cognitive  disorder 10 years being just pain knees, joint ,the whole  body with acute pain but having that lady massage is magical. He slept so peaceful  feeling much much better. He decided  to commit  suicide  twice  before because of acute pain but with the massage  it\'s a big change of his life ,he has a happy face, he trust Aruna  change his lifestyle with the massage. I have a very poor health with 10 miscarriages,  19 surgery,  breast  cancer  problems  knees  ligament  been torn using crutches  ,sciatica, back pain, shoulder pain lifting  my husband for 10 years due to the stroke and on higher  dose of depression  tablets   45 mg  of mirtazapine ,Aquatepine, etc suffering  with anxiety,  heart palpitations  ,feel fed up  of life but Aruna massage make me alive she is the best person we met. We did chiropractor sessions  ,Acupuncture  ,physiotherapy,  injections  ,etc nothing works. Thank you Aruna, you are the best, with the massage you gave me and my husband a hope of living happy, sleeping very well, my husband incontinent problems is much better love you many thanks hope to see you again and again.
Salon Review
Jan Sweeney
Dear Aruna I can’t thank you enough for relieving the pain I have had for the last three years. Even though I had steroid injections for my two frozen shoulders, I was still in considerable pain when I first came to you. It was limiting my movement and affecting my life on a daily basis. After the first treatment I was in pain for a few days but then the pain from my shoulders was greatly reduced. After being two weeks pain free my body started to let me know when I was due for a massage. The pain would resurface a couple of days before I had a massage. Now I’m pain free all the time, amazing! I’m very thankful for all the techniques you taught me iebreathing through pain, heel tapping and helping me to understand my body more. More importantly you made me realize I need to make time for myself as I was always too busy caring for others. I have enjoyed our sessions and hope you can offer your massage to many more who will greatly benefit. Thanks again, Jan Sweeney
Salon Review
I’ve been booking sessions with Mattea for several months. She has helped me with jet-lag, all around well-being, and more recently with recovery from some skin graft surgery on my face. I really appreciate the combination of skills, especially massage and craniosacral therapy, she brings to her treatments. She has a depth of experience and an ability to really hear what you have to say, as well as to what your body is telling her , such that each treatment feels tailor-made to the circumstances. I often feel the benefit for some days after. I’ve been happy to recommend her to friends and family - she is a very special practitioner. So glad I live near the Shine studio.
Thank you Margaret. Much appreciated.
Salon Review
I visited Dr Martinez the dermatologist for a minor treatment. I was extremely happy with the experience. Dr Martinez was empathic and professional and the rest of the Shine staff made my visit a real pleasure.
Great to know. Thank you Rob.
Salon Review
Mattea is a warm, intuitive and sensitive practitioner. I first came to see her following a very stressful experience during my last pregnancy. Her combination of pregnancy massage and CST meant I left the session feeling transformed; I was so much calmer and more grounded. I have seen her regularly during this current pregnancy and the sessions have helped me stay level despite a challenging pregnancy.
We are so glad to hear how Mattea has helped you. Thank you.
Salon Review
Daniela, London, United Kingdom
Valina has a very warm, fun, welcoming and strong positive energy. Having sessions with her made me feel brighter and stronger but at the same time relaxed and cared for. Valina is an absolutely unique and gorgeous woman, with strong intuition and empathy, always open to explore anything that comes up to a session and very easy to bring clarity to my thoughts. The one of the few people I have met, who with her words makes a big impact. Valina, you saw potential in me when I was at my lowest and I can with all my confidence say that it changed the direction of my life. You motivated me to follow my dream career and you did it in such an empowering way. I will be forever grateful to you for this, I am definitely on the right path now because of you.
Salon Review
Alejandra, Madrid, Spain
My mindset completely changed when I started having sessions with Valina. Her attentiveness is impeccable and she makes you feel instantly comfortable, listened to and validated. She really makes you feel and believe that anything is possible and there is a huge potential in you. She would never judge you and she is always there to support you. She made me believe in myself again! Thanks to her I learned that everyone is valid and she made me see my full potential. Valina is light and she feels like \'home\'; that\'s how she makes you feel. Protected and loved.
Salon Review
Carla, London, United Kingdom
Valina is a really special and magical soul, she appeared like a guardian Angel when I could feel my mind slipping into some very bad habits. I hadn’t had any kind of therapy in a while, and Valina has reminded me how effective it can be. She has made me feel hopeful and softly helped me reconnect with my mind in a healthier way. Valina truly cares and I can see that helping others is a real passion of hers. I can’t rate her enough.
Salon Review
Natalie, Edinburgh, Scotland
Valina is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. We connected immediately. What is special about her is that you can completely trust that she is fully present with you every time she coaches you. It is a joy to speak to a coach who has her degree of presence and intuition. She was able to see through the story I was telling her, by recognising and challenging my underlying blocks/fears, and was able to reconnect me with my passion. On many occasions she has been able to reconnect me to my values and focus my scattered mind to what actually matters. I have complete trust in her investment in me and my growth, and in her confidentiality. This means that I feel safe exploring the parts of myself that are difficult to explore alone under her guidance. She never fails to direct me to new insights about myself and my life, which inevitably lead to a feeling of growth and progress and joy. Thank you Valina.
Salon Review
Amanda, London, United Kingdom
Working with Valina has supported me to boost my confidence, I am much better at setting my boundaries and seeing my own value, and I no longer let the imposter syndrome eat me up. Ultimately: I took the step to quit my job without knowing what to do next. I feel excited about this new chapter in my life where I will explore what’s next for me.
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