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Shine is a space like no other – a unique hair salon, health and beauty centre. 

Our mission is to provide you with an unrivalled combination of creative styling and holistic treatments in a beautiful, intimate setting. 

Looking good and feeling great embodies the Shine ethos.


Shine - Newington Green Website Reviews

160 reviews with an average rating of 4.96
Francesca De Amicis
In the past few years I had few health issues, 2 autoimmune diseases, problems with digestion, early menopause. I finally found, Fabiana Matos, she is a nutritionist specialized in hormone imbalances, she followed me for 3 months, helped me to understand a lot better how to eat and how to listen to my body! Despite the fact I don’t live in UK, I never felt alone! I’m really grateful to have done this program with Fabiana as I was able to achieve what I wanted, I lost a bit of weight and I felt less tired and my stomach is not in pain anymore! I highly recommend Fabiana for whoever is struggling with stomach issues and hormone imbalances!!! She is also a really nice person, she understood 100% my needs, my good and bad! She is THE one!!
Ashley C
I always leave so happy. I’ve been coming here for over a year. Dany is so skilled with colour and encourages me to try new things. Her advice and skills are solid.
Hi there! I’ve got my hair cut recently with Lara. I like curls but to be honest it’s not what o would expect. It’s too short that I asked for and the shape of haircut is different. It takes quite long time to style my hair now.
Sally Stewart
Hayley has now been treating me throughout several marathon training blocks and I am so grateful! The combination of cupping, needling and massage has really ensured I’ve been able to keep myself training and on the road despite a high volume of running. Hayley is now constant factor in any marathon training I do!
Thank you Sally. Its so great to know how much she helps you with your training!
I have been coming to Hayley regularly for the past year. Initially for an issue with my shoulder, but she\'s absolutely brilliant for all the niggles that have crept in. She is incredibly skilled and professional and I always feel transformed and sleep better after a treatment with her. Her massage is the best I\'ve had for relieving general tension and she\'s used acupuncture to effectively remedy more troublesome problems. I can\'t recommend her highly enough!
Sholée Parry
I was recommended by one of my PT clients who was treated by Marian and they spoke highly of Marian\'s treatment. I had, stress, \'had\' an inflamed achilles tendon for 8¹/² months. I spent endless time, effort and money on oestopathy. Still in severe pain. I saw Marian only for four sessions and I\'m totally cured. I never thought I\'d be able to exercise or walk or teach spin again. I\'m absolutely thrilled to have seen Marian. She\'s one in a million
Tony Paley
I have a regular monthly deep-tissue massage and acupuncture appointment with Hayley. Her sessions have helped me enormously to stabilise the issues I have and she comes highly recommend. Hayley is welcoming and open - she responds very well to communication and has been key in helping me develop a fitness and wellbeing programme.
Marnie Nash
I can highly recommend Hayley D’Arcy for both CACI facial treatments and massage – she is fantastic! She is a truly kind, thoughtful and intuitive practitioner who works with her clients to get the best outcomes. I have had CACI treatments over the years, so can happily say that Hayley really knows what she is doing and I’ve been super happy with the results. If you are not familiar with CACI – it is a workout for the face. With menopause I found my face (and everything else going south) and it was getting me down. It’s easy to work out your body, but other than spending 30 minutes a day doing face exercises (never going to happen) CACI is the best natural solution I have found. Having had a few sessions before special occasions over the years, I went for it and did a full course of CACI with Hayley. I was very happy with the results and it’s great to be able to recognise myself in the mirror again. Thank you Hayley. Hayley’s massages are a treat and I always feel that my whole nervous system has been calmed after one – I float down the road after one!
Thank you for the wonderfully detailed review Marnie .
Savannah Clement
I’ve been seeing Hayley D’Arcy for 5 years and I won’t go to anyone else. After suffering from a back injury I wasn’t getting relief until I started receiving treatment from Hayley. She’s present, kind, thorough, and always willing to adapt the treatment to my needs. She’s just the best!
Thank you Savanna, we really appreciate you taking the time to let us know how much you value Hayley as a Practitioner.
Dilip Lal
I\'ve been receiving treatments from Hayley for a significant period now, and the progress has been genuinely impactful. Her bespoke approach, which uniquely combines acupuncture, massage, and cupping, has been a game-changer for my persistent neck and shoulder discomfort. Each session is thoughtfully tailored to address the prevailing issues, and the improvement I’ve witnessed is substantial. What sets Hayley apart is her holistic understanding and the application of various therapeutic modalities to target problem areas effectively. In my case, the focus has been on alleviating the discomfort in my neck and shoulders—a prevalent issue I\'ve grappled with for years. The combination of treatments not only addresses the symptoms but seems to target the underlying causes, promoting a sense of overall well-being. Despite the lingering discomfort in my neck, the progression towards healing, under Hayley’s proficient care, has been encouraging. I am hopeful that with continued TMJ and neck work, the path to full recovery isn’t far. The noticeable relief post each session is a testament to her adept skills and the effectiveness of her individualized treatment plans. Beyond her technical expertise, Hayley’s genuine concern for her client\'s well-being, her investment in continuous learning, and her ability to provide a calming, nurturing environment are what truly makes each session a therapeutic experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Hayley to anyone struggling with musculoskeletal issues or simply in need of a rejuvenating, holistic healthcare experience. Her approach is not merely about addressing the physical ailments but encompasses a journey towards achieving a balanced, healthier life.
Thank you Dilip. Having great reviews really help the amazing work of our Practitioners reach more people.
Chris Dearie
Hayley is a very thoughtful and intuitive practitioner who expertly identifies issues you may have working with you to find the best treatment. I would highly recommend Hayley.
Chris Dearie
Hayley is a very thoughtful and intuitive practitioner who expertly identifies issues you may have working with you to find the best treatment. I would highly recommend Hayley.
Agnes Lindstøl
I have had massages with Mattea many times now. Everytime i feel like she makes the right decision to make my body feel more balanced, aligned and easy. I learned after that this was craniosacral therapy and i find it very effective and so soothing for myself. I am so grateful to have met you, Mattea. Thank you.
a. lindstoel
I have found Mattea\'s way of doing massages impactful on my physical health. I feel more balanced when i leave and also less preoccupied with my thoughts. On many occasions i have felt lighter and less tense in my body in a way that has lasted and kept me very in tune with my body and physical well-being. I highly recommend Mattea for anyone who has pains in their body, especially back/spine or legs/hips and who wants to feel more balanced, aligned and in tune with their body. I feel i have learned more about my body by having massages with Mattea, how it deals with problems by accumulating tension in certain areas of my body and where in my body there are more irregularites. I am grateful for this learning as it raises my awareness to where in my body i am holding tension/ignoring physical symptoms of stress, anxiety, which i can now tend to and pay more attention to going forward.
I was able to get an appointment quickly and was very pleased with the friendly and professional way the service was delivered. Thank you
Alex is amazing. He really listens to what you want and I’m always absolutely thrilled with the cut. He’s also really lovely and interesting! I would really recommend him.
I’ve been seeing Joanna for 5 years and every time is a perfect haircut no matter how drastic a change! Shine offers great service and staff are wonderful. I always plan to come back.
Through a long fertility and IVF journey I received amazing accupuncture from Valeria and know that this made a huge difference to me finally getting a positive pregnancy outcome. Valeria then continued to give me accupuncture throughout my pregnancy. Valeria has been incredible throughout - she is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I felt completely relaxed every visit and appreciated all the guidance and expertise. I would highly recommend working with Valeria.
Langastro Giuseppe
Sono stato nel salone Shine Newington Green per salutare la Stilista Benedetta. Complimenti per la perfetta organizzazione, dell\'igiene dell\'ambiente e della cordialità di tutti i lavoratori presenti. Spero di ripassarci presto
Cinnamon is a legend in Stokey. Having been the only person I trust to colour my hair for almost 20 years (I defected a few times and sorely regretted it) I cannot recommend her enough.
Thanks Sam, I will pass on your words to Cinnamen.
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