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A healthcare company that is HIPAA-compliant and CLIA-certified, Olympus Health & Performance gets its name from the breathtakingly beautiful Mount Olympus near Salt Lake City. Established in Utah to enable people to enjoy a full and active lifestyle, we have three clinics in Salt Lake City and Park City and have mobile nurses who can attend to you locally at your home, office, or resort. The health services we provide are Vitamin and Hydration Infusions for IV Therapy http://healthandwellnessmatters.net/what-is-iv-therapy-definition-benefits-types/, Vitamin shots for IM Therapy, and Botox, Microneedling, and Fillers for Aesthetic Therapy. You can receive your treatments in an hour or less. Our IV therapy, which consists of infusions of immune-boosting vitamins, essential trace minerals and elements, and antioxidants, can replenish the critical nutrients in your body and improve your overall health. You can consider IV infusion to recover from jet lag, altitude sickness, flu, headaches, hangovers, and dehydration. Or to enhance your athletic performance before a big race. You can also get vitamin shots to make up for any nutrient deficiency you might have and get over feeling run-down and tired. Along with boosting your energy levels and improving your metabolism, our NAD+ IV Therapy services can reduce pain and improve mental clarity. To restore your youthful appearance, we offer safe, effective, and non-surgical cosmetic procedures like Botox, Dysport, and dermal filler injections. We also perform microneedling for rejuvenating, firming, and toning your skin. Additionally, we provide Coronavirus Antibody Testing, COVID-19 PCR Testing, and COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing. Find out more about our health services, please visit us at https://olympusivtherapy.com/about-us/ & https://olympusivtherapy.com/blog/.


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